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April 10, 2013
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My sun-blistered heart 
has an angry red skin 
that peels and flakes; 
sobbing wood-shaving tears. 

They collect on the ribcage floor
making a dirty black bed 
for the heart to lay in 
when it sinks - heavy - 
at the end of each day. 

It tries to shed this skin,
an amalgamation of former loves 
sueted into a shell;
it wants to be free of the past;

but my whole, burnt raw heart, 
bites at itself in your name, 
turning rabid on itself 
and picking leperose holes 
out of its memories.

It eats itself, 
and I hold onto the railings 
and try to breathe.
Try to colonise my life sentence
Until a dark period grinds me to a stop.
There's this idea going round that on the 16th you should draw a semi colon on your wrist to show you chose to continue life rather than end it. But I don't know that I do choose that, so I don't think I will, but it did give me the idea of a "life sentence". So.

Two new words today:

sueted: made into suet like substance or covered in suet like substance. (very thick congealed, gross)
leperose: new spelling of leprose, I chose to add the e because I wanted to link the word directly to leprosy rather than indirectly and the sound of leperose does that better for me.
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:D Yay! :D Thanks! :]
You're welcome! :D
Sammur-amat Apr 15, 2013   General Artist
i like how raw this feels. well done, lovely lady! :clap:
Thank you Sammur :rose: It was raw :[
Sammur-amat Apr 27, 2013   General Artist
awwh, sweetheart! :tighthug:
cskadoz Apr 10, 2013   General Artist
ouch! such bitter-sweet sorrow unbearable yearning and harsh anguish! i love it!:icongrin--plz:
bitch-slap 'em and go out with their best-friend! :onfire:
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