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February 23, 2013
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Hear me read it!

They say that if a writer falls in love with you then you never really die.

Instead your body is laid out in its funerial shrouds and moulds are made. Soft impressions of you to be pressed onto the blank faces of future loves.

Every time I write of taking comfort in a safe place in a storm, it will be your forearm. Every half-made smile will be on your lips, and every touch will be constructed from the residue beneath your fingernails.

When I metaphise of trees' blood, the leaves that give the energy so that a willow can provide shade for those in need, it will be your blood, it will be your light drenched kisses.

Every tear on every face will taste of the sweat that you put into keeping me happy. Every soaring song of love will be played through your windpipe, your trachea my instrument of choice.

For every time that a hero has the strength to walk on, I will use your feet. I will weld them to my own and walk a mile. Walk a while. I will know them, and I will lend them to others as my own.

Every time I write of a man kissing the crown of a woman's head to relieve her pain, I will use your liver. It will filter out poisons and allow love to be pure again. For every route, your fingertips will guide me. They will be the map of the city in my mind.

I will borrow your parts, unasked, as my templates of perfection.

Because when a writer falls in love with you, you never really die.
When the time comes to say goodbye, whether it be tomorrow or a million kisses from now, I need you to know that I won't, shan't, can't forget you, and you will never die in my heart.

funerial: something with qualities resemblant to a funeral or related to a funeral.
metaphise: making of a metaphor
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This is weird and random butt excuse me while I have a moment- a public one, no less.
This is the first poem of yours I read and what made me fall in love with your writing. It's the piece I keep going back to. Something about it is so heartwrenchingly beautiful and amazing. It's hard to read for me. I mean that in the best way because it's powerful and believe me, I have read it in spite of that many times. It makes me think of a beautiful Frankenstein's monster of departed loves. Which is a beautiful and amazing and almost terrible thing. Death hurts me deeply and I cannot handle it, I just cannot. It affects me too much. Anyways, excuse my rambling. This is such a beautiful piece and thank you for not just writing butt also putting it out into the world. I find comfort and inspiration and so, so much beauty in your writing and thank you. You're also wonderfully courteous and thank you for that as well, you seem like a wonderful person. Don't sell yourself short. I think that's something we all need to hear now and again, even if we don't want to hear it.
Smiles, this means so so much to me. I have used Frankenstein in poems before actually. "The girl with the frankensteined heart" which refers to my theory that when we fall in love we give someone a piece of our heart, and they give a piece back. If they dont love us back, or if they hurt us, then they keep a piece of our heart but we dont have a piece of theirs so our heart has a hole in i t. Eventually our hearts are a patchwork of all the people we love.

Yeah. That's it exactly. Although, imperfect things always seem to be the best. They have so much more character.
EAT-TOAST Sep 20, 2013  Student Writer
It's so true!  :D
This is wonderful. I will always take my lost love with me wherever I go.
cskadoz Sep 19, 2013   General Artist
:hug: truely inspired
so . . . i shouldn't kill them in my stories? several years back, my then fiancee inspired a kenny-like character i killed at the beginning of every story.
haha, I think if you repeatedly kill your fiancee you should reconsider your relationship!
cskadoz Sep 23, 2013   General Artist
:hug: it began as a joke -- her idea.
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