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Submitted on
January 15, 2013
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this is how we rule the world,
       the underclassed
       the uncapitalist
the forgotten, lobotom-ised,
            of a long lost dystopast.

not with a SHOUT,
     we do not argue.
         we do not even unsheath
         our mightier-than-the's.
we whisper in your children's ears
    the memories of what should have been.
                 the life we all crave.

                 the death we all crave.
    WE do not discriminate
              or obstigate
                 our opinions onto others
     pressing the side of the blade
              down onto the flesh
all are bitten
with the fever of our belief.
               not us.

this is how we rule the world,
       we tell stories,
   we incite a generation
                   to think
                      to love
                         to breathe
    with their own scar/r/ed lungs

with a whisper.
Some new words for my dictionary...

underclassed; of the hidden class. often artists think of themselves as their own special class, outside of the existing class system.
uncapitalist; not capitalist, or materialistic.
dystopast; dystopic in the reflective past tense.
mightier-than-the's; pens (obviously)
obstigate; obstinately insist despite evidence

I was writing reviews for some people here on DeviantART who I think of kind of like kin. Most of them were around or had just joined when I was originally on DA so although I've been away whilst they have grown, I do still feel like I have been able to watch them grow as writers and as people - even if they aren't people who I would call my friends (because I haven't really engaged with them not because I don't like them!). I feel theres a small group of writers on DeviantART who are revolutionists... a lot of them can be identified by a tendency to use little i's... but thats not their defining feature. It's their voices.

...and I couldn't shake the feeling that this little group, including me I hope, are touching peoples lives, young people, people who are alone and in need of knowing they aren't the only person who feels the way they do... so very quietly, with a whisper, we tell the younger generations our stories and that it's okay to feel, and to live however you want to... this is how we rule the world.

To the undeniably wonderful: *DearPoetry, =TwilightPoetess, *ohsostarryeyed *0hgravity ~A-Lovely-Anxiety, *intricately-ordinary, *glossolalias, *IAmPoetry, *Scarlettletters, ~Snow-Machine and *TheAutumnCrocus. Just some of those people, quietly changing the world.
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:blackrose: Your lovely poetry has been featured here:
newcmv-x Feb 17, 2013
Svartulf Feb 1, 2013   General Artist
Wonderful word rafting Kathryn
Gosh, thank you so much!
Svartulf Feb 8, 2013   General Artist
My pleasure truly :)
you are despicably lovely, my dearest <333
Sammur-amat Jan 22, 2013   General Artist
Goodness this piece has quite a pretty, calm yet firm and fascinating feel to it. So many wonderful emotions in a single poem. :love:
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