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This is gorgeous. Despite the obvious use of personal pronouns *your* view is much more obvious in this piece. I think that even without me or my I would have been able to sense that this was your opinion about love, and not a repeating of facts.

I am not crazy about the enjambment of line two to three as it seems too organic for such a rigid form BUT if I ignore where the breaks are it is a beautiful little segment of writing.

It's simple, small, but effective and I very much like that you condensed what could have been a long description down to one word "unmarred". It is a very clever word to use that says a lot in a small syllable count, so its very clever writing.
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DrippingWords Jan 2, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you :D Yeah, the part enjambment bugged me too. I tried for about twenty minutes to figure out how I could fix it, but, I just gave up XD haha :huggle: Thanks for the critiques :D
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