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March 8, 2013


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List of words I've made up. Does not include the many words that spell check tells me aren't real, so if you see a word in my work that isn't on this list and you don't think it exists yet, tell me! It might just be that I've been using it so long I forgot it's not real. Click the word to see it used in its original work. I will add to the list as I go through old work to find the words I've made up before, and as I add new poems with new words I'll try to remember to add them here.

NB: 8/3/2013 > Chromium have been checked and put here.

:bulletwhite: Arachnic (2013) -
Arachnid (spider) like.
:bulletwhite: Aquanine (2013) � aquarian / aqua.
:bulletwhite: Carrow (2013) - Dark, narrow, carousing, nasty, abusive space. (Not fully formed definition yet)
:bulletwhite: Chloroformic (2010) - with qualities of chloroform (like polluted air)
:bulletwhite: Cop-iron (2013) - A mixture of copper and iron in some way. In this case Iron by chemical, copper by taste.
:bulletwhite: Copperstench (2013) - Something that strongly smells like copper.
:bulletwhite: Cyaniatic (2013) - Something with qualities of both cyanide and acid.
:bulletwhite: Desertship (2013) � desertedness
:bulletwhite: Dis-cordial (2012) � un-quiet, unwelcome, impolite
:bulletwhite: Disparic (2013) - With disparaging qualities
:bulletwhite: Dystopast (2013) � dystopic in the reflective past tense.
:bulletwhite: Frankensteined  (2008) - Sewn together of smaller pieces to make a whole.
:bulletwhite: Festivous (2013) � with the attributes of a festival (in this case, happy, brightly coloured, joyful)
:bulletwhite: Fluidous (2013) - something that is solid but has a quality of liquid / fluids.
:bulletwhite: Fricasonce (2012) - Excessively detailed carving
:bulletwhite: Funambulance (2013) - comes from the word funambulism which means tightrope walking. Funambulance is participating in funambulism
:bulletwhite: Funerial (2013) - alternative spelling of funereal
:bulletwhite: Hamletian (2013) - meaning, with traits recognisable from Hamlet (the play). In this case, ghostly. Could also be used to mean Like Hamlet the character in Hamlet.
:bulletwhite: Immalleable (2013) - not malleable!
:bulletwhite: Lakely (2012) � having the characteristics of a lake. Full of water.
:bulletwhite: Leperose (2013) - new spelling of leprose, I chose to add the e because I wanted to link the word directly to leprosy rather than indirectly and the sound of leperose does that better for me.
:bulletwhite: Magmanimous (2013) - magnanimous with characteristics of underlying churning emotion (such as magma under the earths crust)
:bulletwhite: Media-m (2013) - the state of being 'normalised' through the media. (becoming 'average')
:bulletwhite: Maggotous (2013) � with qualities of maggots or with qualities of something covered in maggots. (maggoty)
:bulletwhite: Malignance (2010) - malignant and malicious in a noun.
:bulletwhite: Mammothian (2013) - something with qualities of a mammoth, usually size.
:bulletwhite: Metaphise (2013) - making of a metaphor
:bulletwhite: Mightier-than-the's (2013) � pens.
:bulletwhite: Nebulonic (2013) - with characteristics of nebulas
:bulletwhite: Normaliciously (2013) - With traits of a widely accepted and known level of malice
:bulletwhite: Obstigate (2013) � obstinately insist despite evidence.
:bulletwhite: Osmoticly (2013) - with the characteristics of osmosis.
:bulletwhite: Palpitable (2013) - something you are able to palpitate (the heart)
:bulletwhite: Plathered (2013) � plastered / slathered
:bulletwhite: Pulpitious (2013) - something with qualities of pulp that moves (like pulse, heart)
:bulletwhite: Revulses (2013) - A mixture of repulses, revulsion. I know revulse is already a word but im overriding it.
:bulletwhite: Rumtumble (2013) - like tumbling but how children do it. Playfully and inaccurately and silly-y and slightly dangerously.
:bulletwhite: Rumpunctiously (2012) - Like rambunctiously but naughtier :giggle: just implies a dirty cheeky tone.
:bulletwhite: Sepiatic (2013) - sepia in colour but also in characteristic. It's hard to explain this one except to say that I said to a dear friend of mine that he is amber and I am sepia. Sepia as a characteristic is kind of, worn down, but potentially still quietly beautiful. who knows.
:bulletwhite: Skeined (2013) - like a skein of fabric or thread
:bulletwhite: Sueted (2013) - made into suet-like substance or covered in suet like substance. (very thick congealed, gross)
:bulletwhite: Supernovicly (2013) - to do something with qualities of a supernova.
:bulletwhite: Tenderhucked (2013) - I was going to write tenderhooked here but the hucked sound reminded me of scooping out peach pits from the inside and also 'cuckholding' (similar sounds I suppose?) and it gave me a more onomatopoeiac version of the word that I preferred.
:bulletwhite: Trivarications (2011) � A mixture between prevarications and trivial. The word was used to demonstrate the narrators belief that their obsessing over their thought processes was trivial.
:bulletwhite: Torrentous (2013) - like torrential, but more torrenty. I don't quite know, all I can tell you is that torrential didn't quite indicate the forcefulness I wanted it to.
:bulletwhite: Uncapitalist (2013) � not capitalist, or materialistic.
:bulletwhite: Underclassed (2013) � of the hidden class. often artists think of themselves as their own special class, outside of the existing class system.
:bulletwhite: Unrobotic (2010) - not robotic, anti robotic. simple. in this instance used to mean horsepower in real horses.
:bulletwhite: Viewscape (2013) � this is obvious and I'm not convinced I made this up but if you don't recognise it it means my daily view of the landscape. My visual range of what I see in my life each day.
:bulletwhite: Vile-ent (2013) - repulsively violent
:bulletwhite: Vocabulated (2012) - invented (words)
:bulletwhite: Weare-worn (2013) - worn down and weary.
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EAT-TOAST Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Student Writer

Arachnic is a real word, but not used very often I must admit. 

Here's some more if you want to use them.(might seem obvlious but felt I had to add some.)


Radical- to be of the upmost extreme

Fail- no one really knows what that means, I guess to not succeed.

Pwn-  To own someone so hard as to misspronouce it.  2.  To take a chess piece with a pawn.  (I pwn your knight)

Epic-  Grand and luxiorous, bigger than anything you have seen so far.

Cowabunga- No idea

Bodacious (or bodascious)-  to think you are so cool that you must annouce your coolness with a new word.

Bi-Winning- to be winning in two seprate areas at once.

I've got tiger blood in me-  To be a reality tv star who is on drugs and is saying weird things.

Vile- ent-  2.  To be one of the ent species, otherwise known as treeent and be vile, i.e. wicked. (Trent?)


And last but certainly not least.....


The famous...





Maybe outdated...


Falcon Punch-  A punch so powerful that you must sacrifice your own life to use it.  It will instantly destroy the opposing person and the universe you were in when you use it. 


Or even...

Kamehameha-  A move you often wish you could use because it looks awesome.  It may take a while to charge though.




Hadoken (SF 4 Spelling) - Takes ones own fighter energy and converts it into a single blue colered blast.


and to go with those a weird word.


HUAHHHHH-  Instanly proves you are very powerful and/or charging up a powerful attack.  As customary anybody presumeing this position gains diplomatic immunity until they are done using the move that has been charged up.  <?xml:namespace prefix = da />Nod 


synconi Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013   Artisan Crafter
I totally thought "malignance" was a real word.

BloodshotInk Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
It is, some words are reappropriated. Like Shakespeare invented some words, but some he took an existing word and gave it a new meaning implied by its context.
synconi Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013   Artisan Crafter
I see! :nod:
CoHMissKyo Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
I love your list, but I have one small, tiny little nit to pick:

"Mightier-than-the's (2013) – pens."

Why the apostrophe for the pluralization? Just for emphasis?
BloodshotInk Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
And to make it clearer in the original context. When you are making up words so often people can accept "thes" as a new part of the word, rather than as the pluralisation of the. It was a tricky call.
Fantastalia Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
BloodshotInk Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
TheBloodWriter Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
Would it be copying if I started a deviation stealing this idea, but with my own words over the years? It just seems so official and convenient for you to have them all here in one place.
BloodshotInk Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
Not at all ^_^ it helps people stop telling me I've misspelt things! :giggle:
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